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Group "PLATINA" was officially established in 2003. But it is not random or spontaneous phenomenon in the modern scene. The appearance of such a creative group work contributed to the long time and inspiration, searching and Experiment.
The idea is a guitarist Yuri Kondratyuk. The group includes experienced musicians who worked with famous Ukrainian performers (V. Pavlik, N. Mogilev, O. Ponomariov, Ruslan).
As it turned out later, every musician dreamed of playing in his group came to its purpose long enough. Because these were formed and friendships in the team, because each has its place here. What PLATINA today? This constellation of five elements, five personalities.

Victoria Vasalatiy - band leader, soloist, acoustic guitar, poet, composer, winner of the nationwide international competitions and festivals. In love with the team working solo. Group completed work on their own first Ukrainian album, which included fourteen tracks. The band has great creative plans for the future in the implementation of which is currently the team.
As the team gathered people who want to achieve serious results in joint work. Music, professionalism and friendship - is what unites them and made a new creative family.

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    Zayvi slova

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    Pro tebe

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  • 1. Padaly

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  • 2. Sontse

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  • 3. Pro tebe

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  • 4. Vidlitai

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  • 5. Zlyva

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  • 6. Zavtra

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